Sometimes, when I sleep, I’m transported to locations of such haunting and resplendent beauty such that I begin to wonder if those places are on another planet. There is such silence and peace on this small planet.  I feel so good sitting under the trees and I could watch the horizon forever. The sky is white, and around this planet is deep black space. The dark side of this planet is totally empty. I’m alone with my trees on the light side. Where am I? I’m in my dreams and this view is so beautiful. I wished this dream would never end.The next day is a Saturday, six o’clock in the morning, and outside, it is drizzling. I prepare breakfast and sit down to eat. It is still too cold to go outside for bird watching. I decide to stay at home and plan for my photo tour the next week. The dream I had last night comes to my mind throughout the day, and I remember the amazing journey I made in my dream.  I have a great urge to express all that I saw. I spontaneously pick up a piece of paper and I start drawing. I know this is going to be challenging!

It took two months for me to make a picture of all that I saw in my dream. The first thing I did was to collect raw photo materials so as to get a picture of what I wanted to do. To find trees was very difficult, in my dreams, there were three of them next to each other. I traveled 286 odd kilometers before I finally caught a glimpse of the perfect trees on a hill. This was a very remote place and could only be accessed by foot. So, leaving my car next to the road, I start walking to get to those perfect trees. It was an uphill task; literally and figuratively, and when I looked back at my parked car, it looked near, yet it was very far away. Plenty of mud and snow stuck to my gumboots as I made this trek, and each step I took was harder than the last one. I lift up my camera and begin to take pictures, I explored all kinds of angles for my shots. The snow covered the trees like a blanket, it was a beautiful sight. Slowly, the weather began to change, the sun disappeared behind the clouds and the wind blew more strongly.  Snowflakes begin to fall down, and slowly, yet steadily, silence descended upon nature. The air is cold and fresh, and the smell of snow was all around. It was getting dark, and I set my sights homewards. I walked towards the direction of my parked car, but ten minutes into my walk, I still couldn’t see my car, the white expanse of snow has disoriented me, but after a further few kilometers, I see my parked car. I get in and begin my drive home. Along the way, I begin to plan my next step. To capture the moon.
Capturing the moon was the biggest challenge. But I was in luck, I was in luck because I know someone whose hobby was astronomy, he is a total fanatic, and he has a retro astronomical telescope. A portable telescope that could be carried by two people. It had a body made of iron and the glass was huge and clear and still in perfect condition. Mounting the camera on the telescope posed a problem, in the beginning, we tried different kinds of adapters but none of them seemed to work. In the end, the simplest solution proved to be the most effective. We used a universal tape to connect my camera to the telescope mounting. The focus ring on the telescope was broken, and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. in the end, however, our equipment was ready. All we needed now, was the moon, and so we found a dark and remote place, where a nice, clear picture was possible only in darkness. There was no city for a radius of about forty kilometers and therefore, no lights. Luck and patience are always necessary if we want to take an extraordinary shot in nature. For a complete month, I was unsuccessful in capturing the moon. Snow and clouds made sure of this, and I felt frustrated in this first month, for the weather had thwarted me. Every day, I carried the heavy telescope, drove to the countryside, and waited for hours. I had no other option, but to wait for a new chance in the next month. I was excited, and every day checked the moon calendar and searched the skies. Luck shone upon me in that following month, there was the moon, and we had clear skies. Throughout that time, I captured almost all moon’s periods. Now I have all the pieces of the puzzle, all it needed was to be put together to get a final picture. I spent ten grueling hours on my PC to get the picture ready. It was an unbelievable, indescribable feeling to see on the screen what I seen before only in my dreams.
Every picture has its own story which makes the photographic creation more unique. Lost trees titled picture get finalist ranked in category Abstract and Contemporary.(This picture will be available in the next portfolio).