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I am proud to have been invited to Venice in February for the 2019 Audio Visual Show. I have been asked to display my latest work on its first appearance in public ‘Pelican’. I will also be displaying two other works Looker-on (a HOME DECOR product) and Where I’m (an ISO ART creation). Both of these prints are already available for purchase on the e-Store, just click the links. Pelican will be available for purchase shortly after the exhibition.
For this photo exhibition, I am using Hahnemühle Pearl paper a perfect choice as it is both durable and resistant to fingerprints.
It has been a long journey from the spark of the first idea to the final picture. Equipment choice and preparation, finding the best location, traveling, waiting for the best weather conditions and lighting, shooting and re-shooting until I was able to create this truly incredible picture. To finally see it on exhibition in real life is a completion of the journey from dream to something substantial I can touch and feel. A journey worth taking.